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Online coaching to transform yourself and the world around you.

In the midst of the current worldwide pandemic situation, with all its lockdowns, SOPs (standard operating procedures), and MCOs (motion control orders) popping out of nowhere, as a result, it is only normal to react to this to be able to cope with this new way of living, working, and existing. 

No one has been prepared or trained on how to deal with this new normal in the most positive, productive, and efficient ways. 

Lines between work and private life turn blurry. We work from home and we live at work, thanks to the home office.

Business coaching, especially for managers with team-leading responsibilities out of their home office situation, needs special attention and awareness on how to act and react as a team leader.


Focus areas can include but are not limited to:

Anchor Why seek coaching

Ways to connect.

Current world circumstances prohibit regional and overseas travels as well as excessive face to face meetings which promote the use of various online platforms for coaching instead.

Which specific platform to use or how to execute each session is subject to prior agreement and remains flexible based on options available in your region.

When not
to consider professional coaching?

Both a coach and the individual being coached might be well advised to reconsider a coaching engagement of any sort when there are signs of missing chemistry, lacking trust, potential breaches of confidentiality,

an unwillingness to commit and follow up with no progress in any direction.

Reasons might vary between regions, cultures, and communities and shall be checked prior to any professional coaching session.

Online coaching

You prefer to speak and meet at set times online whether with or without video enabled (can, but no must). Coaching sessions are being facilitated as if we were in a room together with set start and end times. Let me know your favorite channel (ZOOM, Skype, Signal, WhatsApp, etc).


Face to face coaching

Ok, you are not an online chatter, which is totally fine.  You'd rather like to be in your preferred spot. If possible location-wise based on where I am at, I can meet you at your office, favorite cafe, lounge, or else.

Note: Due to current MCO (motion control orders) in place, face-to-face sessions are unavailable due to further notice.


Outdoor coaching

You prefer the outside or being active; on selected days (please inquire) we can meet for walks, hikes, runs - as you like.


Don't worry, any activity will be based on your preferences, location, and condition.

Note: Due to current MCO (motion control orders) in place, face-to-face sessions are unavailable due to further notice.


Team, group coaching

Team or group coaching can be facilitated online only at the moment due to MCO rules and SOP's in place. This is for the pure safety of each participant and to comply with current rules and regulations. 


Anchor 2 When not to coach

Further possible benefits through coaching  

Anchor Benefits

Improves your self awareness in life and at work


Recognize and acknowledge own shortcoming


Better use of expectation management​


Empowers you to be able to take responsibility


Improve your individual performance


Supports you understanding yourself better


Can lead to higher levels of (self) empathy


Provides support through hardship, crisis, etc.


Can increase staff engagement an authenticity

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