How to connect ?


You prefer to speak and meet at set times online whether with or without video enabled (can, but no must).


Let me know your favourite channel (Skype, WebEx, 

ZOOM, Whereby, or else).


Ok, you are not that online chatter, which is totally fine.  You'd rather like to be in your preferred spot.


If possible location wise based on where I am at, I can meet you at your favorite cafe, bar, etc. .


You prefer the outside or being active; at selected days (please check) we can meet for walks, hikes, runs - as you like.


Don't worry, any activity will be based on your preferences, location, and condition.


Time is money and you simply can not leave your office - well, if I am in reach let's meet at your office.


If time, location and traffic allows to meet at your office, I am more than happy to do so.

Coaching and consulting made easy and simple - just the way it should be anyways.  To support you in your daily work increase your motivation, productivity, and efficiency when it comes to getting your job done and while managing your team.

Let me know what you are looking for.  For any business-related coaching please mention "business coaching".  In case you are looking for advice (which is not coaching) then please state "personal consulting", when contacting me.

keep it simple