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Hi, I am Daniel, a professionally trained and ICF certified (International Coach Federation) coach with a true passion for team building, work satisfaction, and productivity. Currently holding the PCC™ level,  I support especially career starters, mid to senior managers with dedicated team responsibilities to find their voice and ways of successfully managing their jobs while being able to smartly lead their teams.

In today's world, nobody actually teaches "how to run a team". You either have the ability and required social skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence to manage both yourself and others around you or you don't. 


Looking back at over 20 years of management experience within the retail industry across Europe and the Asia Pacific across various departments and functions which helped me to gain profound professional knowledge not only in business development but also in talent and team management as an internal coach.

I co-founded Synoveus Coaching & Consulting Ltd. back in 2014, based out of Hong Kong, after working in the retail industry for companies like Hugo Boss Asia-Pacific, Michael Kors Europe, or Ralph Lauren. 

It is tremendously important especially in economically volatile times like today to offer unique and tailored customer experiences and to involve all stakeholders along any value chain to create sustainable brand-client relationships that ultimately increase satisfaction, productivity, and the bottom line. 

I have a single primary goal and that is to support managers to help their teams to provide an unsurpassable stakeholder experience, ensuring client’s desires are realized and any interaction with third parties is exceeding expectations beyond current company strategies.

A simple concept in theory but not easy to execute - it takes education, training, coaching, incentive, capital investment, cultural and market knowledge as well as innovation and passion to successfully refocus, unlearn and adapt continuously around the customer, your team, and any involved stakeholder with respect to geopolitical, cultural, and social circumstances to name a few.

Furthermore, I have worked in diverse retail disciplines: direct B2C in a department store; professional international visual merchandising; retail training; assortment buying - in a regional context across numerous continents, Europe to the Asia Pacific, built cross-functional, multi-national teams, and worked with partners across hierarchies and functions.

I do have a personal and professional interest in coaching, retail excellence, buying, training, and strategy building; as I can see the difference that being client-centric (if not even “obsessed”) brings. 

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