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Systematic coaching
can make a difference

It is more than important to keep focused, positive and motivated, let alone productive at work in times of increasing uncertainty, in the midst of a worldwide unfamiliar social reassessment, due to lockdowns, SOPs (standard operating procedures) or MCOs (motion control orders), as an attempt to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and all its new emerging variants.


Long-covid, post-covid syndrome are only a few new health conditions next to stress, anxiety, or PTSD. More will inevitably follow. The boundaries between private life and work are blurring due to the increased use of the home office as an alternative to office work. Frustration, reluctance, humility, and even depression, as a result, are no longer uncommon.

Professional, systematic coaching can offer great help, support, and provide structure before one might need to consult other parties such as psychologists or psychiatrists.

Benefits of coaching facilitated by trained professionals

No matter where you live, you can get coached

Due to its nature you are flexible across time zones

It is flexible and adjustable to meet your agenda

Get coached, wherever it is most convenient for you

Solution focused coaching helping you thrive

Being outside your comfort zone drives change

It does positively affect the ones who matter most

When do you want to consider hiring a professional coach?


When you really want to change in life or business but don't know how or where to start.
To achieve progress, while being cautious of both time and needed resources it can be beneficial to get support through professional coaching. 


When you realise that you are procrastinating, pushing "things" away, and rather focussing on everything else but what you actually want to change. 


You are lacking ideas of how to start, what to do first or you are simply overwhelmed by it all and have no idea where to start. You can't see the forest for the trees?



You actually want to become the best version of yourself and really want to make the effort of actually achieving this state?

You do have (found) your purpose in your life. You do know what you want and why? What it is you are striving for. If not, coaching can support you finding your purpose. 

Am I coachable?

You sure can be coached to new heights, different behavior, or mindsets. But let's have a quick reality check if you are coachable.

When was it last you had a structured conversation with yourself, where you faced your own shortcomings, not only challenging your own thoughts, and behaviors but also constructively sought alternative solutions you hadn't thought about before? If your want to gain further insights into "how coachable" you are, try this self-assessment below. 

When not to get coached?

There are multiple reasons when you should not consider coaching as your first choice. 

01 If there is any sort of a pathological aspect or precondition to the situation you are facing, you might be better off seeing a psychologist instead.

02 You are looking for pure advice which is ok. But if you are seeking expert advice you'd rather speak to a subject matter expert, mentor, or professional of any sort in the field that is of your concern. ...

In case you are on a tight schedule

We are all very busy and sometimes there is no time to attend a 45-minute coaching session. Fair enough.


Have you ever tried self-coaching or used self-motivating videos? Of course, this is not to compare to actual 1 on 1 coaching but it can support you to get moving towards your desired outcomes or goals.  

Check it out. You do have 8 minutes to spare, don't you?

Seriously consider teaming up with a professional coach?

Get in touch and consider having a chemistry session to figure out if being coached is something for you ...

Give it a try, get in contact
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